Càrrel 78 Collection - The proposal for Spring/Summer 2023
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“Elegance is not a matter of fashion but a matter of style”


Càrrel® reminds us that style is not just what we do, but also how we do it. The Càrrel shirt is Made in Italy, with a traditionally Italian, elegant, refined and valued taste.


The philosophy of the Red Button, the Bottone Rosso®, is summed up on the shirt in a multitude of details such as: handmade embroidery on the buttonholes and on the seams of the shoulders, sides made with single needle, mother-of-pearl buttons, fabrics of rare refinement, impeccable wearability, tens of different collars, tailoring models, elegance, creativity and beauty.


“Càrrel has the ability to become Opera, an artistic demonstration of Tailoring”


Càrrel “speaks” and lets itself flow through fabrics of rare beauty that celebrate a collection of precious and extraordinary raw materials: the collection allows you to touch the precious Egyptian Pima Cotton, the exclusive Sea Island Cotton of Barbados and the incredibly fine Cashmere from Mongolia. The quality of the yarns in the collection do not spare even the most common and daily Oxford and Twill in various titles of fineness, the new “Travel” fabric varieties, the “exclusivity 200/2” cottons, the soft flannels and viscose.


Below you can see the preview of a small part of the colors and models of the collection.



Sea Island Cotton


Easy Care

New Fashion

Exclusivity 200/2

The shirts of the current Càrrel® Made in Italy collection are available in the most important boutique and tailor’s shop of Italy and of the world, the samples and the production can be viewed at the fair of Pitti Uomo Florence, in the Milan showroom or at the company headquarters by making an appointment with our customer service.