I dettagli sartoriali delle Camicie Càrrel
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The Càrrel men’s shirt, it’s style and details

On its stylish and manufacturing process, the Càrrel’s mission is to combine the experience of traditional Italian haute couture collected over the years with the impeccable trends of modernity creating an unmatchable Italian Shirt.

Time is the most valuable ingredient

Càrrel realizes its collections in the old fashioned way, giving time to the accurate methods that modern rushed tailoring has forgotten. What really made the Càrrel shirt so important is exactly the ability of recognizing the meeting point where tradition and modernity create a tangible synergy and a undeniable improvement in the quality of the product.

“Regardless of the type of shirt you are trying to make, it may be classic or washed, elegant or sporty; the use of extreme quality fabrics, updated fits and a eclectic variety of models and collars will never be a priceless and fascinating process without the production diligence on giving to every phase a fair timing”

  • The Seamstress

    Every highly precise operation of the shirt making process is entrusted to the skilful hands of the seamstress.

  • The Cuff

    The handmade 4-fold wrist is a symbol of the Italian tailoring and a hallmark of the Càrrel Shirt.

  • The Red Button

    The Red Button, trademark with Italian and international patent, represents quality and brand recognition.

  • Constant Quality

    The equipment used in phase of production is quality focused and semiautomatic.

  • The Collars

    In Càrrel, the seamstress in charge of the collar attachment are the most experienced in the sector.

  • The Gusset

    Fulfills the purpose of strengthening the side and symbolizes elegance and refined quality.

  • Revision

    Before and after the ironing, each shirt is subjected to the revision process to certify it's quality.

  • Packaging

    The Càrrel packaging is elegant and flawless, it is specifically designed to perfectly maintain the shirt.

  • Impeccable

    The Càrrel Shirt combines the quality of the fabric with the sartorial mastery as perfect union of softness and elegance.