Càrrel Camicie - Storia della camiceria italiana da uomo
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The Càrrel© brand and it’s heritage

Since 1958, the Venetian Càrrel shirt maker had a “motto”, a sort of mantra to be repeated every day on the development of new collections and models. This motto reads:

“L’eleganza non è un fatto di moda ma una questione di stile””

The sentence can closely be translated so: ” Elegance is not a matter of fashion but a matter of style”, the sense of this mantra summarizes an essential behavior indispensable to those who have the commitment of creating something beautiful.

In the act of handling beautiful and colorful fabrics while being surrounded by works and cities of magnificent beauty, the tailor must keep in mind that elegance is never display, it is no ostentation.
Elegance requires “Style” because is more about How something is done, it is harmony, proportion and very often politeness and simplicity.

The constant research of style and tradition has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration since the beginning of the story, on 1958 in Venice, when the first shirt with the final red button was made.


Imagine a white shirt made of the best cotton of the world and frame it here in Venice

In few years the Càrrel shirt “the one with the red button” made it’s name in the Veneto region, at the end of the 60’s Càrrel was already one of the most important and significant example of Italian shirt-making company.

In the 90’s in the climax of the Italian “economic miracle”, the famous Red Button sewn at the bottom of the shirt got officially registered as a Càrrel trademark, it became the symbol of an entire tailoring tradition and it impersonates today the passion, the strength and the determination that people in Càrrel has given on their fascinating  pledge of keeping tradition and beauty alive through the generations.

Today the Càrrel shirt represents an avant-garde, a very valuable garment made by people that has never given up on the pursuit of quality and perfection.